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  • Board and Train - During a 3(+) week stay with us, your doggo will learn all the skills necessary to live peacefully and happily in our human world. The board and train is an intensive program where we combine several of our training programs together to truly set your dog up for success. Contact us today to see which length of boarding is best for your furry friend

    • During a board your dog can learn leash skills, door manners, obedience, off leash skills, how to stay calm in outside and pet friendly environments, confidence building, and more!​ Just let us know your goals and where your dog is at now. 

    • Each boarded pup leaves with 3 free refresher sessions so you can have us come back out whenever you need us again! These refresher sessions do not expire and are to make sure your pup never forgets any of the skills taught.

    • Any and all tools required for training are included at no additional cost! 

While your dog is in the care of Peace and Calm K9 Training, they will be taught using balanced training methods. Each dog is different and each dog learns at different paces. Some dogs need more negative reinforcement where as some dogs need more positive reinforcement to learn. Whatever the case may be, your dog will be taught and communicated to in a way that they understand best! 

Field Trips will be taken periodically for socialization, confidence building, and just practice in the real world. These field trips take place in pet friendly locations and/or parks for the most part. Service dogs in training however, will also utilize non pet friendly locations depending on their skill level. We use field trips as a way to expose your dog to the real world safely so that when they return to you they are more reliable because they’ve had time to learn how to properly adjust to different environments.

While in your trainers home, your dog will get sporadic training sessions throughout the day, play time, structured down time, structured and non structured walks, and plenty of mental enrichment activites. We treat your dog like one of our own! At the end of your dogs stay (5 nights+) they will receive a bath unless otherwise requested not too. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to your trainer.

At the end of your dogs board and train, your trainer and you will have a hand off session. During this time your trainer will discuss your dogs progress and detail what they learned. You will go through the new skills with your trainer and practice how to implement these new skills with your dog. If any tools were used then it will be at this time that your trainer explains how to use them.

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  • 3 week program - $1,797

    • $999 deposit to confirm your dates

    • remaining $798 must be paid before your dogs scheduled board

  • 4 week - $1,997

    • $999 deposit to confirm your dates

    • remaining $998 must be paid before your dogs scheduled board

  • 5 week - $2,297

    • $1,298 deposit to confirm your dates

    • remaining $999 must be paid before your dogs scheduled board

  • 6 week - $2,597

    • $1,598 deposit to confirm your dates

    • remaining $999 must be paid before your dogs scheduled board

*pay in full to save $300

*each additional dog signed up gets $500 off their program


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  • Food (extra food can be purchased for your dog during their program at your expense)

  • Medicine

  • Vaccination Records

  • Collar with ID Tag

  • Leash

  • Raincoat and Jacket (if you have one)

  • Shoes (Summer B&T only)

  • A Towel (your scent helps the transition)

  • Favorite bone/chew toy

  • Harness (used as a seatbelt)

  • Slow feeder bowl (if you utilize one)

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