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Here’s What They’re Saying

Read on to learn more about what our clients are saying about their experience with working with us.

Great trainer. Very happy with results. After a 2 week board and train my dog came back with the foundations needed for us to succeed!

Fabian L.

Great trainer and amazing service! Highly recommend!

Ryanna L.

Aryanna is a great trainer and I highly recommend her.

Rick J.

It’s been very hard on me to learn how to manage my baby. I’m so glad we have the chance to train with you. I’m so proud of my baby, thank you for being so patient with us, we appreciate you.

Alma P.

Aryanna was amazing with my fur baby! She definitely made training fun and a lot easier. I sa

Brianna F.

Finnley had zero manners at first. He has learned how to sit, walk, stay, kennel, and now sleeps through the night. He knows how to leave and drop objects and knows to not beg for human food. All in all, he has calmed down too. P&C works hard to teach both the owner and the dog how to work with each other. Goals are set at the beginning and communication is constant...

Cherie J.

I would tell people that it's well worth it and that not only will their dogs learn new things, but so will the owners!

Samantha G.

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