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*If P&C is fully booked, your deposit will hold your spot on the waiting list. Your payment plan will begin once your training begins, and if you are paying in full then your remaining balance will be due when your training begins.

*save $100 per additional dog you sign up!

*tools/supplies included with each program

  • Studious Pup Program 

    • will cover socialization, confidence building, sit, down, come, stay, calm greetings, leave-it, off, kennel manners, grooming manners, door manners, puppy nipping, and potty training​

    • for pups 8weeks to 8months old

    • 45 min sessions once a week

    • 8 sessions total

    • Overall Cost $747 

      • Payment Plan​

        • $347 deposit​

        • 2 monthly payments of $200 each

  • Basics for Adults 

    • will cover sit, down, come, stay, leave-it/drop-it, wait, off, kennel manners, and door manners​

    • for pups 9months and older

    • 45 min sessions once a week

    • 6 sessions total

    • Overall Cost $647

      • Payment Plan

        • $347 - deposit

        • 1 monthly payment of $300 

  • Advanced Obedience 

    • will cover wait, focus, place, long distance recall, heel through distractions, emergency down/recall, off leash skills, ecollar skills, and real world applications

    • must pass basic obedience test first you do not have to enroll in basics program

    • 45 min sessions

    • 6 sessions total

    • ecollar and long line provided at no additional cost

    • Overall cost $747

      • Payment Plan​

        • $281 deposit​

        • 2 monthly payments of $233 each

  • Leash Skills

    • will achieve sitting when asked, a loose leash while walking, and attention to speed changes​

    • 30 min sessions

    • 4 sessions total

    • Overall Cost $297​​

  • Dog/Leash Reactivity  

    • goals for this program are a shift in your dogs mindset, loose leash walking, neutrality around triggers, and management strategies​

    • 30 min sessions

    • 8 sessions total

    • Overall Cost $847

      • Payment Plan ​

        • $381 deposit​

        • 2 monthly payments of $233

  • Service Dog Training - Are you a disabled individual who wants a dog to aide you with your chronic illness? This is the program for you! We will cover everything your dog needs to get to helping you. We will train obedience, an off switch, a calm state of mind, how to behave in public, and so much more. 

    • Completely customized for each client. Price determined by skill level dog is currently at and what training left is needed. ​

    • Offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions

    • Total number of sessions depends on the individual clients needs 

  • Need a bit of help but not a full program?

    • Single session $100 each

    • 3 sessions for $275

    • 45 min sessions

    • no tools included

  • Group Classes/Pack Walks - Group classes are for dogs to practice their skills while interacting safely with other dogs and humans. Each client, if never trained with Peace and Calm, who requests to come to a group class will be met with in order to assess if the dog is a good fit for the class. Classes are primarily held in parks around the Baytown and Katy areas as well as pet-friendly stores. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok to stay up to date because these classes have a limited number of spots and are on a first-come basis.​

  • AKC Evaluator Tests $10 per test - Do you need your Canine Good Citizen (CGC), CGCA, CGCU, Trick Dog Titles, or Virtual Home Manners (VHMA) tested? Our head trainer is an AKC Evaluator and can administer these tests! Contact us to get started! 

  • Dog Walking - When you book a walk with us, we also work on your dogs leash skills! 1-mile minimum. Cost $25 per mile. $15 each additional dog. Current Clients Only

Private Sessions: Text


Private Sessions: Services
Dog Walker at the Park


During a 3week+ stay with us, your doggo will learn all the skills necessary to live peacefully and happily in our human world. The board and train is an intensive program where we combine several of our programs to truly set your dog up for success. Contact us today to see which length of boarding is best for your furry friend!

During a board your dog will learn leash skills, door manners, obedience, how to stay calm in outside and pet friendly environments, confidence building, and more!​ These programs are customized for what you need.

Each boarded pup leaves with 3 free refresher sessions so you can have us come back out whenever you need us again! These refresher sessions do not expire and are to make sure your pup never forgets any of the skills taught.

Any and all tools required for training are included at no additional cost! 

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